Build Your Own Dreams

Hello Folks,

I’ll skip all the excuses for my sporadic writing. What does it matter? I was all geared up to do just that, whine about having dewclaws instead of opposable thumbs and the resulting two words per minute pace.  Instead, I am here to share a positive, life-changing message with you and the human who inspired it in a roundabout way:  Mr. Sean Spicer.  

Lately I’ve gotten in the habit of reading and pondering a few pages of  the book “Quotes That Will Change Your Life” edited by one Russ Kick.  It is blowing my mind.  Here’s the quote that changed my life a couple of months ago:

                  Build your own dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs.                                                                                                            –Farrah Gray

I had been kind of stuck in a routine of get up, toilet outside, eat, sleep, walk outside, repeat.  Not a bad life, but boring. The part that was unbearable, though, was when my personal assistant, Ermigal, would get it in her head to dress me in a humiliating getup.

baby costume

The day I came home from the Shelter, I was forced to wear a cut-off baby romper. Doesn’t even cover my privates.

It didn’t happen very often, thankfully, and a sweater on a cool day or a coat when it’s raining is fine.

Then along came Halloween.

hot dog costume.jpg

At least she didn’t bring me to Heid’s Hot Dogs like she wanted.  Why did I allow this degradation?

Bear with me here.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has a similar situation:  his boss, the prez, expects him to bob and weave trying to make sense of some bizarre situations:


inauguration numbers

Spicer didn’t give a fiddler’s fart about how many attended the inauguration but had to pretend he did. Painful to watch.

sean holding papers up

He sometimes holds papers up that no one can read  in order to prove a point. Soul-sucking work.










more paper proof

More papers that no one can read.  

The last few days have been a nightmare for Spicer as he tried to explain his gaffe portraying Assad as a crueler tyrant than Hitler.  Maybe it was something he heard DT say and it slipped out.  After all, DT is never wrong.

A perfect example of the above quote.  Sean, maybe you should admit it:  you hate your life right now.  I feel your pain because it happened to me but it was my aha moment, and I grew from it;  take it from me, it’s the only way to go through life.

I hate my life

I hated my life that day, but decided to chew up anything I didn’t want to wear.  I love the coat but the hat was overkill. Gone.

Mr. Spicer, isn’t it time to build your dream? Maybe return to the kind of work that makes the world more enjoyable for families with young children?

sean spicer as bunny rabbit

Sean Spicer as the rabbit at the White House Easter Egg Roll during the Bush Administration.  Those were the days.

Happy Easter, everyone!


18 thoughts on “Build Your Own Dreams

    • All kudos go to Dooley but I will relay your message, Cro. I agree, he is unbearably cute and a great model. We shop together sometimes at PetSmart but he’s very picky.


  1. Dooley, great advice! Don’t like it? Eat it up! You’re a very sage little guy (and funny, too)! Keep up the good thinking.


  2. Thanks for your kudos, Karen, but I hope your canine friend doesn’t follow suit. I don’t imagine you torment her with costuming for your amusement like I have to suffer through. Regards to lovely Lady.


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