Let’s Cut to the Chase

Dear Reader,

I haven’t forgotten you. It’s been wild and wooly here with Winter Storm Stella last week and Ermigal, my personal assistant, trying to ride it out with no plowing contract or snowblower, just an ergonomically incorrect snow shovel and a bad back.  Good planning, lady.

shoveling snow

Where are the teenagers who want to earn a couple bucks shoveling?

As you can imagine, it was a nightmare for me:  picture trying to do your business in a tiny snow cave you had to wait an hour for a certain party to dig out of a snowbank, all the while dreading the dash back in the front door while snow and wind whistle up your arse.

four wheeler

Later on, Ermigal gave some sob story to a neighbor down the street who was clearing his driveway with a 4-wheeler and tiny plow.  Luckily, he had mercy on her and I could get back to my routine–most of it.


Although I fancy myself a writer, unfortunately I must depend on my P.A. for the technical aspects of sharing my thoughts with you. “Oh, sorry! I’ll plug the laptop in for you,”  she says tonight.  My response to that is a silent growl.

ice cream

A little ice cream, you say?  I forgive you.

It feels great to tap the keys again.







7 thoughts on “Let’s Cut to the Chase

  1. Dooley, you’ve been through a lot with your PA. Let’s hope she can handle April showers! Maybe a little yellow rain slicker for you?


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